Formate Cycle: The Third Way in Green Energy

M. Gotovsky, "Polzunov Institute" St. Petersburg Russia, A. Gotovsky, V. Mikhailov, V. Lychakov, Y. Sukhorukov, E. Sukhorukova, "Energetic System Consulting" (ESC) St. Petersburg, Russia, "Polzunov Institute" St. Petersburg Russia
2019 International journal of chemical Engineering and Applications  
The prospects of the formate cycle are considered: the fixation of CO 2 from the atmosphere in the form of formic acid in low-temperature electrochemical reduction, and further use of formic acid (formates). A brief review of effective catalysts (in particular -without the use of platinoids) for the direct oxidation of formates in a fuel cell and for the decomposition of formates with hydrogen evolution is given in the aspect of "green energy". Perspectives of formates, as a hydrogen
more » ... hydrogen accumulator, and as a carbon monoxide (CO) accumulator are shown. Particular attention is paid to the dual use of formate, as a combined raw material for the Fischer-Tropsch process, which allows a simple, technological and cost-effective production of synthetic liquid fuel (ergic-gasoline) suitable for classic automotive engines. It was suggested that formic acid should be used as an energy carrier produced in solar or wind power plants as a buffer reserve or a commercial product. Index Terms-Formic acid, hydrogen accumulator, Fischer-Tropsch process.
doi:10.18178/ijcea.2019.10.6.767 fatcat:osboeaugljhybel7kzyhvziagu