Tiger beetles of the genus Cicindela in Arizona (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) / [book]

Judy. Bertholf
1983 unpublished
Arizona distribution. -Apache*, Cochise, Coconino*, Maricopa*, Mojave* and Navajo* counties (Fig. 41). Diagnosis. -Color cupreous to green with cupreous reflections dorsally, blue-green ventrally. Head granulate-striate, pilose; labrum unidentate; clypeus pilose; gena bare; first antennal segment with sensory setae only. Thorax striate, pilose laterally and medially; proepisternum pilose, blue-green with cupreous reflections. Legs pigmented green with cupreous reflections, front and middle
more » ... anter with setae. Abdomen pilose laterally. Elytra (Fig. 12) punctate basal to near smooth apical, somewhat obtuse, apex serrate, with spine, widest at apical third. Length 13-14 mm. Remarks. -From June to August adults of this monotypic species can be found on alkali flats or around seepage. (See discussion under C^. sperata.) 27 Cicindela nevadica LeConte Key to the Subspecies of Cicindela nevadica LeConte Color reddish brown, markings broad tubensis Color brownish bronze, with green micropits, middle band narrow citata Cicindela nevadica citata Rumpp (Fig. 42)
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