A procedure for seismic design of retaining walls [chapter]

S. Caltabiano, E. Cascone, M. Maugeri
2005 Seismic Prevention of Damage  
The available solutions of the limit equilibrium analysis of retaining walls against sliding and tilting allows designing the minimum weight and the geometry of a wall that ensure stability. However, a proper design of a retaining wall in pseudo-static condition must satisfy the stability requirements with a suitable margin of safety against the failure condition, as prescribed by most seismic codes. In particular, in the rotational equilibrium it is necessary to distinguish the contribution
more » ... the contribution due to the earth lateral pressures mobilized along the failure surface and the inertial effect of the soil failure wedge. In this paper a design procedure for retaining walls is proposed, based on a closed form solution and accounting for the sliding safety factor and the evaluation of the driving moments on the wall consistent with the failure mechanisms.
doi:10.2495/1-84564-004-7/14 fatcat:jqeovtql4rcwnp5pfsyqmh663u