Effect of Calving Season on Growth Performance, Feed Intake and Disease Occurrence of Hanwoo Calves
한우 송아지의 분만계절이 성장, 사료섭취량 및 질병 발생에 미치는 영향

2007 Journal of Animal Science and Technology  
Sixty-seven Hanwoo calves were allocated into two groups, 27 spring calves (SC) and 40 fall calves (FC) to investigate the effects of calving season on water and nutrient intakes, growth performance and disease occurrence for the nursing and the post-weaning period. Mean DMI of 3 to 4 mo old FC was lower than that of SC due to low temperature in winter for FC. Water intake was higher for FC (birth to 1 mo old) but lower for SC (2 to 4 mo old) than the others. Mean BW did not differ between SC
more » ... d FC, but average daily gain for over 2 mo old SC were significantly higher than FC. Diarrhea was mainly observed when the calves were before 60 d old; in particular, it occurred more frequently for less than 30 d old FC compared with SC. The present results indicate that calving season may affect water intake, feed intake and growth performance of Hanwoo calves. (
doi:10.5187/jast.2007.49.1.059 fatcat:e6sg3u6nuzeqtk4fexk5uxfpku