Relative Influence of Temporal and Geographic Separation of Source Populations in a Successful Marten Reintroduction

Bradley J. Swanson, Christopher J. Kyle
2007 Journal of Mammalogy  
Reintroduced populations face a genetic bottleneck due to the founding event of the reintroduction. Bringing in additional animals from different locations, or at different times, can restore genetic variation to a reintroduced population and offset the founder event. The reintroduced population of martens in Michigan came from 3 different locations in Ontario and occurred over a 24-year period. The high level of genetic variation found in Michigan's reintroduced marten population could be due
more » ... ation could be due to the multiple source locations or the temporal separation of the reintroductions. Based on the genetic variation found in martens, the 3 source locations more likely represent subsamples from a single population and the observed level of genetic variation is due to the temporal separation of the reintroduction events.
doi:10.1644/07-mamm-a-003r.1 fatcat:bfi3oiclkraylowbyrxvmw4f3q