Design and Experamental Research of Novel Adsorbent Water Separation Device for Salt Solution Treatment

Wenzhong GAO
2017 Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
Abstract:In order to use low temperature heat source such as solar energy, geothermal and engine waste heat more efficiently, a novel salt solution separation device referenced traditional desalination device is developed. It couples the spray flash, heat pipe and solid adsorption technologies, and artificial seawater with 3% saltiness is experimented. The results show that: the temperature of atomized solution droplet drops after flashing, then massive heat is absorbed when the droplets
more » ... the droplets contact heat pipe, low temperature heat source of 40-100 ℃ can be used and the water separation rate ranges from 18 % to 60%; the heat source temperature is the key factor of separation rate; absorption reduces pressure of flash chamber significantly with the same heat source temperature, namely improves the degree of the superheat; the pressure changes regularly during the whole cycle of absorption, it changes sharply when adsorption bed switches and it is influenced by the heat source and cooling water temperature; as the temperature of cooling water decreased, the equilibrium pressure of evaporation chamber dropped obviously, this ensures the continuous evaporation of liquid droplets in the evaporator and increases the separation rate.
doi:10.3901/jme.2017.06.152 fatcat:z4gfxmqkxnd5hp5rfijenpwc4i