Development and Standardization of Dichotic Rhyme Test in Bangla

Mr Sahidul Arefin, Mr Indranil Chatterjee, Chatterjee Shahi, Somsubhrachatterjee, Miss Priyanka Ghosh
2016 Asia Pacific Journal of Research   unpublished
The Dichotic listening tests is a behavioral test battery for assessment of hemispheric function, inter-hemispheric transfer of information , and development and maturation of auditory nervous system in children and adolescents. It might also help in the identification of lesions of the central auditory nervous system..The present study aimed to develop one such test and to collect normative data on Bangla speaking normal hearing individuals. The test material was developed using 25 pairs of
more » ... sing 25 pairs of CVCV rhyming words that differ only in initial consonants. These stimuli were made similar in total duration and imposed on to stereo tracks and aligned in such a way that there was no onset delay between the two. Normative data was taken from sixty young normal hearing native speakers of Bangla. Analysis of results revealed that there is a significant (p< 0.05) right ear advantage present for the dichotic stimuli for both the male and female participants.