Weldability of Alloy 718, 625 and Variants

M.C. Maguire, J.R. Michael
1994 Superalloys 718, 625, 706 and Various Derivatives (1994)   unpublished
The fusion zone weldability of a new alloy Inconel725 T"1. is presented and compared to Alloys 7 18,625 and Carpenter Custom Age 625 PlusTM*. Of these alloys, Inconel725 and Alloy 718 are most prone to solidification cracking during autogenous gas tungsten arc (GTA) welding as characterized by the Varestraint test. Each alloy typically forms a y/Laves terminal eutectic solidification product. In addition, other eutectics which form in some alloys include a y/MC and 'y/M&, depending on
more » ... ending on composition. Formation of 6 (orthorhombic NigNb) adjacent to Laves and MC carbides in the interdendritic region was peculiar to Inconel 725 welds. Their possible relevance to solidification cracking tendency is discussed in terms of their volume fraction and contribution to solidification temperature range.
doi:10.7449/1994/superalloys_1994_881_892 fatcat:ploa2oxwxfat3jnbiflfuekove