Neutralization test in mice (MNT) using effective dose50 (ED50) and lnternational Units (lU) on bovine's sera vaccinated with an inactivated rabies virus vaccine

Avelino Albas, Paulo Eduardo Pardo, José Giometti, Fernanda Bernardi, Fumio Honma Ito
2001 Revista Brasileira de Ciência Veterinária  
The results of neutralization test in mice (MNT) performed on bovine's sera that had been vaccinated previously with a commercial inactivated rabies vírus vaccine were calculated and expressed either in logarithm of Effective dose 50 (ED 5 J or in lnternational UniVml (IU/ml). Statistical analysis revealed a Spearman nonparametric correlation of r= 0.6469, and when the use of IU/ml is impeditive, the MNT titers expressed in ED 50 is still a useful procedure to determine if the bovines have
more » ... e bovines have responded to antirabies vaccination.
doi:10.4322/rbcv.2015.235 fatcat:ho2lyuww5zcx7lthntpvhx3ozi