Quarkonia production at fermilab

1996 Il Nuovo Cimento A  
Recent data on J/$ ,+(2S) ,xc and I? production has unraveled unexpected features of Qa bound states production in high energy hadronic collisions. In the 1992-1995 runs CDF has collected large samples of J/T,L ,$(2S) and r identified through their muonic decay. In the charmonium system all production sources have been separately measured and compared with the theoretical predictions. A large excess of direct production has been observed for both $(2S) and J/ll, . Th e relative production rate
more » ... ve production rate for the xz and x,2 has also been measured. Results on J/+ ,$(2S) and xc production from the fixed target experiments E789,E705 and E672/706 are also presented. Important features of the production of charmonium states are shared by tied target and collider data.
doi:10.1007/bf02731716 fatcat:zm5w5zippvf7zl7fk6pb6hnifq