Audio Event and Scene Recognition: A Unified Approach using Strongly and Weakly Labeled Data [article]

Anurag Kumar, Bhiksha Raj
2017 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper we propose a novel learning framework called Supervised and Weakly Supervised Learning where the goal is to learn simultaneously from weakly and strongly labeled data. Strongly labeled data can be simply understood as fully supervised data where all labeled instances are available. In weakly supervised learning only data is weakly labeled which prevents one from directly applying supervised learning methods. Our proposed framework is motivated by the fact that a small amount of
more » ... ongly labeled data can give considerable improvement over only weakly supervised learning. The primary problem domain focus of this paper is acoustic event and scene detection in audio recordings. We first propose a naive formulation for leveraging labeled data in both forms. We then propose a more general framework for Supervised and Weakly Supervised Learning (SWSL). Based on this general framework, we propose a graph based approach for SWSL. Our main method is based on manifold regularization on graphs in which we show that the unified learning can be formulated as a constraint optimization problem which can be solved by iterative concave-convex procedure (CCCP). Our experiments show that our proposed framework can address several concerns of audio content analysis using weakly labeled data.
arXiv:1611.04871v3 fatcat:jclmmvkhzrhyfgjygjpxxafw6a