Rosi Nani Putridewi
2019 Jurnal HUKUM BISNIS  
Capital Market is a part of financial market, besides money market which has essential role for national development, and specifically become funding alternative for small-medium business. Securities in Indonesia have been developing since 1980 after economic deregulation in financial field. This regulation brings some changes in Indonesia's financial market development, in terms of securities as a result of financial market development. Capital market instrument can be divided into bonds and
more » ... ed into bonds and stocks/equities. In this research, the writer focuses the research on capital market instruments in the form of Medium Term Notes (MTN). Unlike bonds, there are no regulations that have been regulated until now about Medium Term Notes. So that in this research, the focus is to discuss legal issues, namely the legal relationship of the parties in the Medium Term Notes sale and purchase agreement and the form of legal protection for investors holding Medium Term Notes. This research uses normative research method because this research tries to review legal norms, examining all constitutions and regulations which related to views and doctrines in laws. And the writer's main objective in this research is was to analyze the legal construction of the Medium Term Notes sale and purchase agreement and analyze the form of legal protection against buyers of Medium Term Notes. From this research, it is expected to contribute ideas in the field of law, especially in capital market legal disciplines and used to prevent and resolve legal problems that will arise in connection with the Medium Term Notes. Hopefully this journal can bring benefits, adding broader insight to readers
doi:10.31090/hukumbisnis.v3i1.829 fatcat:zqh36rkwrzgxtedwqkuoln7of4