Analysis of Different Multiplicities and Their Interference in Quasi-Elastic Cluster Knock-Out by Fast Hadrons

N. F. Golovanova, E. T. Ibraeva, V. G. Neudatchin
1978 Progress of theoretical physics  
Different multiplicities and their interference in hadron scattering have been investigated on the basis of a new dynamic approach to quasi-elastic knock-out of nucleon clusters by fast hadrons from light nuclei. It is shown that in the region of momentum transfer values p, where scattering multiplicities less than b are predominant, the effective numbers and form factors determined in Refs. 1) ~3) no longer act as pure structural nuclear factors (b means the number of nucleons in the
more » ... ns in the knocked-out cluster). These characteristics are significantly dependent on the process dynamics. Only in the region of values p, where the maximum hadron scattering multiplicity b is realized, the effective numbers and form factors do assume the purely structural meaning.
doi:10.1143/ptp.59.127 fatcat:vfi5lrjcbjaazdnwu2zke6noma