21302 A design method for stabilizing modified Smith predictors for non-minimum phase time-delay systems
21302 非最小位相むだ時間系に対する安定化修正スミス予測器の設計法(制御)

Hiroshi Takenaga, Kou Yamada
2007 The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch  
In this paper , we exarnine a design method for a stabilizi皿 g Inodi 丘 ed Smith predictor fbr non − n 盛11imum − phase t血 le − delay systems . The 】 皿 odi 丘ed Smith predictor is well kmown as all effective
doi:10.1299/jsmekanto.2007.13.543 fatcat:rk3baris3vhdfj3uc4d6accyqm