Spatial Data Querying System Using Security Approach and Accessing Model

Harsha Shrivastava, Ratnesh Kumar Dubey, Vineet Richhariya
International Journal of Current Trends in Engineering & Technology   unpublished
Today a large amount of data is generated in each area. Spatial data is the importance of data where the usage, its access, storage is required in efficient manner. P2P system, communication makes use of these data with their efficient search and storage scheme. Security in access is a major concept where the requirement is to process, storage of data in secure format is required. In this paper our investigation in previous BestPeer++ Approach for large spatial data access with security
more » ... r is monitored. A further extension with parallel approach and HECC (Hyper elliptic curve cryptography) security approach is taken in this paper which is compared with existing bestpeer++ approach over large dataset query system. It is observed that the proposed work outperform better than the existing algorithm in terms of execution time and security concern over the dataset TCP-H.