Experimental Analysis of Energy Efficiency of Server Infrastructure in University Datacenters

2020 Tehnički Vjesnik  
With the increased number of user applications, the amount of data generated by users, the need for more intensive data processing, in modern data centers the question of energy efficiency arises. IT equipment requires permanent maintenance of appropriate climatic conditions, therefore significant investments are needed in cooling systems and ensuring a constant supply of electricity. In this paper, an experimental analysis is performed concerning the economic and environmental aspects of
more » ... al aspects of server virtualization, including the business value of virtualization. An analysis was conducted to be used concurrently on a traditional architecture and a virtual ecosystem. The acquired findings show considerable advantages of virtual and cloud ecosystem in the form of optimum provision and use of physical workstation properties. Through this paper, authors analysed the power utilization when utilizing a higher number of physical servers, as opposed to the same number of virtual servers. Acquired results present a assessment of accumulative energy utilization and load on physical units during optimal workload client requests during the working week. Through the paper authors presented the idea of low electric energy consumption, using the green datacenter concept and contribution to the advancement of IT technologies at the Singidunum University, which is also applicable to other modern university datacenters.
doi:10.17559/tv-20160517155453 fatcat:mxl76bsblrebjfjs7tbby2wzy4