Organization and multidisciplinary work in an olympic high performance centers in USA

William J. Moreau, Dustin Nabhan
2012 Revista Médica Clínica Las Condes  
RESUMEN The organization and methodology of providing services to athletes through Olympic high performance centers varies among the National Olympic Committees (NOC). Between NOCs, provider composition and methodology for the delivery of services differs. Services provided typically include sports medicine and sports performance. NOCs may provide service through a university-based system or high performance centers. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) provides services using multiple
more » ... s using multiple approaches through a hybrid model that includes three Olympic Training Centers, National Governing Bodies (NGB) high performance centers and independent specialty care centers. Some highly developed National Governing Bodies have dedicated high performance training centers that serve only their sport. The model of sports medicine and sports performance programming utilized by the USOC Olympic Training Centers is described in this manuscript. MeSH: Interdisciplinary Communication, Multidisciplinary Communication, Interprofessional Relations, Sports Medicine, United States. INTRODUCCIÓN United States athletes who train with the intent of performing at Olympic Games are distributed throughout the country. The U.S. is a geographically large country (9,826,675 square kilometers), it is similar in size to Brazil (8,514,877 square kilometers). In the U.S., Olympic caliber athletes are broadly distributed throughout the U.S. In order to help meet high performance needs the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) is required to implement multiple strategies to provide care and support U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes. The USOC's high performance goal is to provide stable and successful high performance services in support of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes. In order to achieve this goal, the USOC has created a hybrid approach to provide efficient and effective sport performance services. The hybrid approach includes three principle vectors of performance-related support for the athletes. These three approaches are provided through Olympic Training Centers (OTC), NGB-driven high performance centers and USOC affiliated medical centers.This plan allows for a broad based plan of care for the athletes to meet their geographic and service-level needs. SPORTS PERFORMANCE MEDICAL RELATED TASKS Manager of all games related medical services including staff selection and material support for Games. Oversee volunteer program management for medical personnel who wish to do a USOC clinical rotation at an OTC sports medicine clinic. Serve as a liaison and medical support from USOC to NGBs. Provide medical support for USOC Team Leaders. Develop and maintain of the National Volunteer Network SPORTS OPERATIONS MEDICAL DUTIES Provide for medical service at OTCs for resident athletes, all events and NGB driven requests for evaluations and rehabilitations. Collaborate with key USOC partners, such as GE. Research and implement of best practices in sports medicine, electronic medical records, musculoskeletal ultrasound, etc. Representation of USOC in regard to sports medicine related topics internally (Via the CEO, public relations department, legal and risk management department and to local and national media. Collaborate with Sports Medicine Organizations worldwide in development of sports medicine position statements (e.g. ACSM, IOC) Develop and management Recovery Center services. Develop of OTC related medical partners to include contracted consultants and related medical partners. Evaluate volunteers rotating through the volunteer program. Provide medical support for sports performance staff -High Performance Directors and associated sports performance staff. Facilitate and analize of elite athlete health physicals. Consultate with NGBs regarding health care/sports medicine issues. Collaborate on programming or athlete access to sports medicine clinics. Provide educational programming and research presentations in the area of sports medicine. Coordinate of medical clinical rotations.
doi:10.1016/s0716-8640(12)70319-x fatcat:3ftt3jnuvjeh3ezdti76marivm