Querying Volatile and Dynamic Networks [chapter]

Sarvenaz Choobdar, Pedro Ribeiro, Fernando Silva
2018 Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining  
Glossary Dynamic (or volatile) network: a network whose structure changes over time, some nodes and edges may appear and disappear. Local property: a metric that describes a topological aspect on the local neighborhood of a node. Structural role: the structural position of a node in the network, characterized by its local properties. Transition pattern: a typical role change, characterized by its time interval and by the origin and destination role. Definition Many networks are intrinsically
more » ... re intrinsically dynamic and change over time. These networks can be very volatile, with a significant number of edges and nodes appearing and disappearing. The majority of the existing network mining methodologies are however geared towards a more static scenario, with a single graph describing the topology of the system being analyzed. There is still a need for measurements and tools that allow the temporal dimension on network analysis to be fully and naturally incorporated. In this paper we deal precisely with volatile and dynamic networks, and how to extract information from them. We take a general approach in which we track the structural role of nodes over time. By using a set of local properties, such as degree and clustering coefficients, we group similar nodes and we monitor the behavior of these groups over time, looking for significant changes. We are able to describe the evolution of the network in the form of transition patterns that explain how position of nodes change and how groups of nodes grow and shrink.
doi:10.1007/978-1-4939-7131-2_390 fatcat:3j7dnc73nreh3clpbckewnxu5m