Ex-Vivo Exposure on Biological Tissues in the 2-μm Spectral Range with an All-Fiber Continuous-Wave Holmium Laser

Mariya S. Kopyeva, Serafima A. Filatova, Vladimir A. Kamynin, Anton I. Trikshev, Elizaveta I. Kozlikina, Vadim V. Astashov, Victor B. Loschenov, Vladimir B. Tsvetkov
2021 Photonics  
We present the results on the interaction of an all-fiber Holmium-doped laser CW radiation at a wavelength of 2100 nm with soft tissues and compare it with the other results obtained by the most used solid-state laser systems. Ex-vivo single spot experiments were carried out on the porcine longissimus muscles by varying the laser impact parameters in a wide range (average output power 0.3, 0.5 and 1.1 W; exposure time 5, 30 and 60 s). Evaluation of the laser radiation exposure was carried out
more » ... the size of coagulation and ablation zones on the morphological study. Exposure to a power of 0.3 W (1.5–18 J of applied energy) caused only reversible changes in the tissues. The highest applied energy of 66 J for 1.1 W and a 60-s exposure resulted in a maximum ablation depth of approximately 1.2 mm, with an ablation efficiency of 35%. We have shown that it is not necessary to use high powers of CW radiation, such as 5–10 W in the solid-state systems to provide the destructive effects. Similar results can be achieved at lower powers using the simple all-fiber Holmium laser based on the standard single-mode fiber, which could provide higher power densities and be more convenient to manufacture and use. The obtained results may be valuable as an additional experimental point in the field of existing results, which in the future will allow one to create a simple optimal laser system for medical purposes.
doi:10.3390/photonics9010020 fatcat:bqfwor2bxvb5djxpadzjekujgq