Grouping the Americas and Asia-Pacific Countries based on Their ICT Readiness, Prioritization of Travel & Tourism and Tourist Service Infrastructures

Jean-Luc Pradel Mathurin Augustin, Shu-Yi Liaw
2019 International Journal of Marketing Studies  
Travel and tourism competitiveness is a multi-pillars construct, each originating from measurement attempts. Involvement of governments, technology and tourism infrastructures are viewed as factors able to improve tourism competitiveness. This paper identifies principal components from these pillars for the Asia-Pacific and Americas considered most improved regions by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Five principal components were identified but three components were the most appropriate
more » ... . A cluster analysis divided the countries into four groups offering a classification of the set. With their position presented in a scatter plot, countries can identify and select the best recommendations to their case depending on the group they belong to. Based on the cluster analysis results, it is seen that groups likes the Underachievers and Critical improvements would definitely need to improve their ICT level, while the Average Performers could as well benefit from technology improvements, although at a lesser degree. Specific examples discussed give better indications and recommendations to the countries as they can draw example from the explained cases to either adopt or adapt relevant strategies that would help their economy or avoid making similar mistakes.
doi:10.5539/ijms.v11n2p38 fatcat:hqwkli6eqfelnaaunmbbpmbuqm