A New Model for Stellar Magnetism

P.F. Browne
1993 International Astronomical Union Colloquium  
AbstractDifferent drift velocities of electrons and ions in response to viscous forces exerted by neutral atoms generate current densityjand magnetic fieldB, whereBis proportional to vorticityωof the fluid. Magnetic vortex tubes (MVTs) form arrays on a hierarchy of scales. MVTs are basic to the magnetism of all astrophysical systems, conferring a structure of aligned filaments. In the Sun a torsional oscillation generates oscillatory vorticity, and hence an oscillatory magnetic field. The same
more » ... ic field. The same mechanism is proposed for the Ap stars, but with "pole-on" viewing. Resonance-line radiation pressure segregates elements within MVTs of Ap stars, where the anomalous concentrations are preserved. However, variation of the 30 MG magnetic fields of AM Her white dwarfs may be due to precession of an MVT. There is reason to attribute common magnetic flux to the Sun, Ap stars, white dwarfs and neutron stars
doi:10.1017/s0252921100020625 fatcat:54cuxkpcfzcizhrabtfdi6hvq4