International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations EXPERIMENTAL ANALYSIS OF SHEET METAL ROOF AS SOLAR COLLECTOR FOR DRYING APPLICATIONS

M Suresh, S Sarathi, C Prithviraj
The technology of solar energy power conversion has gained its importance in industries, agriculture as well as for domestic purpose. It therefore important for technician and an engineer to have good knowledge of solar power, its generation and its utilization. The solar energy received in the form of solar radiation(diffuse or beam radiation) is converted by direct or indirect energy conversions method. In this project, solar power is absorbed in sheet roof plate which is used for drying of
more » ... sed for drying of vegetable and fruits. An forced convection solar drier and tested its performance for drying chili under the metrological conditions. The system consists of a sheet metal roof solar collectors used for air heating with a drying chamber, and a centrifugal vane blower. Drying experiments have been performed at an constant air flow rate.