Natural Probiotics and Nanomaterials: A New Functional Food [chapter]

Ilza Fernanda Barboza Duarte, Naianny Lívia Oliveira Nascimento Mergulhão, Valdemir da Costa Silva, Laisa Carolina Gomes de Bulhões, Irinaldo Diniz Basílio Júnior, Anielle C.A. Silva
2021 Prebiotics and Probiotics - From Food to Health [Working Title]  
Natural probiotics are functional foods with several biological properties and nutritional value inherent to their chemical composition and can play a potentially beneficial role in reducing the risk of chronic degenerative diseases. In order to improve the stability of these compounds, increase the encapsulating power, delay oxidation, increase their effectiveness, control their release and improve the bioavailability of their combination with nanomaterials is a potential tool in the food area
more » ... enabling the development of new products with functional and nutraceutical characteristics. In addition, the study of nanomaterials in natural probiotics is rarely reported in the literature, being an area of paramount importance in the development of new functional foods. Therefore, in this chapter, a review of nanomaterials' use in natural probiotics will be addressed to specify their advantages and methodologies of preparation and characterization.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.98984 fatcat:4essujfjkjh47e55zprmgaitvi