One Health Applications of Low Level Laser Therapy

Joel Ehrenzweig, James St Clair
2021 Journal of Clinical Medical Research  
Advances in human medicine have long been founded on the initial research conducted with animals. New products and innovative treatment options that are successful in pre-clinical rodent, canine and/or nonhuman primate studies, will then typically focus on the initiation of human clinical trials. The potential for successful introduction into the human health market often overshadows and ignores the possible animal health benefits of the product--even in cases where the safety and efficacy
more » ... ts in research models are exceptional. Despite this tendency, the OneHealth movement has facilitated an unprecedented paradigm shift as innovative human medical discoveries are introduced for animal health applications. Essentially, products proven effective and safe in people are viewed as having comparable benefits when used for cats and dogs. An example of OneHealth translational technology is discussed in this review and centers on the benefits of employing a Low Level Laser Therapy device (LLLT) at home for a variety of indications that have similar etiologies and treatment options for both animals and people, including the treatment of arthritis, joint injuries, chronic dermatological conditions, and dental problems.
doi:10.46889/jcmr.2021.2306 fatcat:rxm4r5it45cbzea64r57fl22iq