Measurement of Farmland Ecosystem Services Evaluation in Beidaihe District, Hebei Province, China

LIU Xiao-dan, ZHAO Zhong-bao, LI Ke-guo
2017 Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment  
Farmland ecosystem is an important part of supporting and maintaining earth's life systems. It has the direct function value of providing agricultural product as well as the indirect function values of adjustment, support and culture. Chose the Beidaihe district in Hebei Province as the study region, the eco-system service functions were evaluated by ecological economics approach. The results showed that the indirect value was 1.09 times of the value direct in 2014. The farmland ecosystem not
more » ... ly had direct production function, but also had important ecological supporting functions. In the process of agricultural structure adjustment, the indirect functions should be given enough attention. The sort of values were production function > tourism function > carbon sequestration and oxygen release function > dispose of waste function > water conservation function > social security function > soil protection value > straw returning to field function > clean air function. In the process of accelerating the construction of modern agricultural park, vigorously developing ecological leisure agriculture, pushing forward the comprehensive utilization of crop straw, and actively developing ecological cycle of agriculture, the Beidaihe district should rationally adjust the use of farmland and focus on improving the values of indirect services to optimize service values. The study can be used as decision basis and scientific support for effective protection and sustainable utilization of farmland resources.
doi:10.13254/j.jare.2017.0005 doaj:c8c4280e2cfc4db09f95f8e7067c292f fatcat:3powjvyvfzgptoz7v2hxm7ajom