Operational Analysis of Mollusc Valve Activity in Automated Ecological Biomonitoring Systems
Operativnyy analiz stvorochnoy aktivnosti mollyuskov v avtomatizirovannykh sistemakh ekologicheskogo biomonitoringa

P. V. Gaisky, Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Sevastopol, Russian Federation
2021 Ekologicheskaya bezopasnost pribrezhnoy i shel fovoy zon morya  
The article describes features of the operational analysis of valve activity of freshwater (Unio pictorum) and marine (Black Sea mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis) bivalve molluscs for created automated systems of bioelectronic environmental control. The studies used measuring data obtained from long-term field and laboratory experiments using instruments developed by the author. The assessment of the mollusc general behavioral characteristics expressed in the dynamics and amplitude of group
more » ... e activity as a response to various effects made it possible to determine typical behavioral response models of toxic effects in the aquatic control environment. For the operational analysis, the main statistical indicators are identified, which are used to create software algorithms for automatic decision-making of the environmental biomonitoring system. As these indicators are used first of all the group time-sliding estimates of the synchronism of mollusc reactions, the data of valve activity averaged in different time intervals and the gape level (group and individual). The existence of established models, specified calculated numerical indicators and their permissible limits will ensure the standardization of the approach to detection of toxic factors and further implementation of such biomonitoring systems at control points.
doi:10.22449/2413-5577-2021-2-121-130 fatcat:2gumle2yjnaczmtwmy45jccfha