A brief beginning [thesis]

Ronald Decio McGhee Jr
As the reader, you have to imagine my pain and joy in sharing the complex simple motive behind the journey of living. It is a journey based in truth and spiritual progression. We risk our spirit and soul to reach beyond what we know of one another. We attempt to capture an essence of truth in a moment's time. It's a very big moment's time that lends itself to the viewer as infinity. For we, like the viewer, have much to learn and, perhaps, take in this journey. We bend time, place, and motive
more » ... place, and motive to find the ugliness of our species and the beauty of our world. With this "one-self", the collective, we search for our past, reveal our future, and capture our "beings" in a light called the stage. It is the essence of the living and dying. iii
doi:10.17077/etd.v7tawh3h fatcat:l5cv2qwxpvh23fk6kzvffgp7nq