Perceived organizational support and police performance: The moderating influence of socioemotional needs

Stephen Armeli, Robert Eisenberger, Peter Fasolo, Patrick Lynch
1998 Journal of Applied Psychology  
Police patrol officers were surveyed to investigate how the strength of socioemotional needs affects the relationship between perceived organizational support (POS) and work performance. The association of POS with driving-under-the-influence arrests and speeding citations generally increased with strength of the needs for esteem, affiliation, emotional support, and social approval. Patrol officers with strong socioemotional needs, but not those with weak needs, showed a positive relationship
more » ... tween POS and performance. The findings are consistent with social exchange views that maintain (a) work effort is encouraged by the receipt of socioemotional resources, (b) POS fulfills a variety of socioemotional needs, and (c) the value of POS and the obligation to reciprocate with high performance increase with the strength of socioemotional needs. Social exchange interpretations of employer-employee relationships maintain that workers trade effort and loyalty to their organization for such tangible incentives as pay and fringe benefits and such socioemotional benefits as esteem, approval, and caring (
doi:10.1037/0021-9010.83.2.288 pmid:9577236 fatcat:hkq7we6pk5dnblk7lll4j7h7qu