Algorithmic Matching Attacks on Optimally Suppressed Tabular Data

Kazuhiro Minami, Yutaka Abe
2019 Algorithms  
The objective of the cell suppression problem (CSP) is to protect sensitive cell values in tabular data under the presence of linear relations concerning marginal sums. Previous algorithms for solving CSPs ensure that every sensitive cell has enough uncertainty on its values based on the interval width of all possible values. However, we find that every deterministic CSP algorithm is vulnerable to an adversary who possesses the knowledge of that algorithm. We devise a matching attack scheme
more » ... g attack scheme that narrows down the ranges of sensitive cell values by matching the suppression pattern of an original table with that of each candidate table. Our experiments show that actual ranges of sensitive cell values are significantly narrower than those assumed by the previous CSP algorithms.
doi:10.3390/a12080165 fatcat:b2u5v6sicffgrl5snxvpdl6ebe