Beam Commissioning Plan of the FRIB Superconducting Linac

Yan Zhang, Chungming Chu, Zhengqi He, Masanori Ikegami, Steven Lidia, Steven Lund, Felix Marti, Guobao Shen, Yoshishige Yamazaki, Qiang Zhao, Kim, Dong Eon (Ed.), Kim, Kyung Sook (Ed.) (+3 others)
The FRIB superconducting linac will deliver all heavy ion beams with energy above 200 MeV/u, and beam power on target up to 400 kW for generation of short lived isotopes. Beam commissioning is the first step to prepare and tune the superconducting linac for high power operation. A staged beam commissioning plan of the FRIB linac is developed, and complete beam tuning practices segment by segment through the entire linac are introduced, which include phase scan signature matching of the
more » ... ing of the superconducting cavities, longitudinal beam matching, transverse matching with horizontal-vertical beam coupling, and beam optics corrections of achromatic and isochronous folding segments up to the second order for acceleration and transport of multi charge state beams.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2016-mopoy050 fatcat:ciwivr3fdrfozd5m5kywclcgde