Utilizing Steganography and Cryptography to Conceal Information Within BMP Images

2021 Webology  
Every day, more sophisticated methods will be needed to safeguard confidential data from intrusion and hacking attempts. Both cryptography and steganography are well-respected for their ability to protect confidential information during transmission via potentially unsafe channels. However, when these two approaches are combined, data transmission security is much improved. For that reason, the purpose of this study is to present a new steganography method that, when combined with a novel
more » ... tion method, offers an additional layer of protection against assaults. The new solution is based on the Least Significant Bits (LSB) methodology and works with BMP files to conceal sensitive information. The experimental outcomes in this study is done using VB6 language. Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Mean Squared Error are two common metrics used to evaluate picture quality (PSNR). Varied host images have been tried with different sizes of files to be concealed. From what we can see, the new method provides much improved PSNR and lower MSE values across the board. For this reason, the suggested method provides an effective means of guarding sensitive data while transmission across unsafe networks.
doi:10.29121/web/v18i5/29 fatcat:bvg6sbix35f7xklpdfggfhzouy