Structure and immunomodulatory activity of glycogen derived from honeybee larvae (Apis mellifera)

Yuto Nagasaki, Misato Abe, Shoichi Onishi, Yusuke Okamoto, Toshihiko Toida, Kyohei Higashi
2021 Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin  
Honeybee larvae have been recognized as nutrient-rich food in many countries. Although glycogen, a storage form of glucose in animals, is synthesized in honeybee larvae, there is no information on the structure of glycan and its biological activity. In this study, we successfully extracted glycogen from honeybee larvae using hot water extraction and investigated the structure and biological activity of glycan. It was found that the molecular weight of glycogen from honeybee larvae is higher
more » ... that of glycogen from bovine liver and oysters. In addition, treatment of RAW264.7 cells with glycogen from honeybee larvae resulted in a much higher production of TNF-α and IL-6 than treatment with glycogen from either bovine liver or oysters. These results suggest that the high molecular weight glycogen from honeybee larvae is a functional food ingredient with immunomodulatory activity.
doi:10.1248/bpb.b21-00239 pmid:34092709 fatcat:4elpdq5qgzdttfhcv7s63srpui