Molar-incisor hypomineralisation: Knowledge and perception of Syrian undergraduate and postgraduate dental students

Blend Hamza, Mawia Karkoutly, Spyridon N Papageorgiou, Nada Bshara
INTRODUCTION: Dentists' knowledge and expertise, especially in their early career, are primarily shaped during undergraduate studies. This cross-sectional study aimed to assess the knowledge and perception of Syrian under-and postgraduate students regarding diagnosing and managing molar-incisor hypomineralisation (MIH)-affected teeth. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Final-year dental students (FY-students), postgraduates in paediatric dentistry (PD-postgraduates) and postgraduates in other lines of
more » ... alty (OS-postgraduates) in all Syrian dental schools were invited to participate in an established web-based survey covering the knowledge and attitudes regarding the prevalence, aetiology, diagnosis and management of MIH. Data were analysed with descriptive statistics and Fisher's exact/chisquared tests at 5%. RESULTS: In total, 1142 post-and undergraduate students from six public and five private dental schools in Syria participated in this study (867 FY-students, 74 PD-postgraduates and 201 OS-postgraduates). PD-postgraduates were found to present statistically significantly better knowledge regarding MIH compared with the two other groups. Only 19% of FY-students and 54% of OS-postgraduates reported themselves familiar with MIH (compared with 97% of PD-postgraduates). Similarly, 18% of FY-students and 27% of OS-postgraduates were capable of diagnosing MIH (compared with 81% of PD-postgraduates). Stainless-steel crowns and direct composite fillings were chosen as most suitable for treating MIH-affected molars from all responders. CONCLUSIONS: FY-students and even OS-postgraduates in Syria lack knowledge and confidence when confronted with MIH. The university curricula need to include more educational materials to equip the students with the necessary tools to manage MIH clinically.
doi:10.5167/uzh-219288 fatcat:a3kroxye6bgmrg3piuao56p734