Improvement of Amylase Production by UV Mutagenesis of Aspergillus flavus FSS63 under Solid State Fermentation

Yasser Bakri, Samir Elkhouri
2016 Pakistan journal of scientific and industrial research  
Enhancement of the amylase productivity by Aspergillus flavus was investigated. Spores ofstrain were exposed to ultraviolet (UVC) radiation and 10 different mutants were selected and isolatedfrom starch plate agar on the basis of the visible clearance zone around the colonies. The amylase productionby selected mutants was evaluated under solid state fermentation. One mutant of A. flavus FSS63UV8showed higher biosynthesis level of amylase (733 IU/g), which was 3.35 fold higher than that
more » ... than that detectedin the parental strain. Physical parameters optimisation revealed that the optimum pH and temperature foramylase production obtained by mutant are 7.0 and 35°C, respectively. Among several tested agriculturalwastes , wheat bran was found to support the highest yield of amylase after 5 days of incubation. A. flavusFSS63UV8 strain proved to be a promising microorganism for a high amylase production in a simplemedium.
doi:10.52763/pjsir.biol.sci.59.2.2016.80.84 fatcat:nfkv2adiwfehni33agkwzx35cu