Two-dimensional Fourier series-based model for nonminimum-phase linear shift-invariant systems and texture image classification

Chii-Horng Chen, Chong-Yung Chi, Ching-Yung Chen
2002 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing  
In this paper, Chi's real one-dimensional (1-D) parametric nonminimum-phase Fourier series-based model (FSBM) is extended to two-dimensional (2-D) FSBM for a 2-D nonminimumphase linear shift-invariant system by using finite 2-D Fourier series approximations to its amplitude response and phase response, respectively. The proposed 2-D FSBM is guaranteed stable, and its complex cepstrum can be obtained from its amplitude and phase parameters through a closed-form formula without involving
more » ... ed 2-D phase unwrapping and polynomial rooting. A consistent estimator is proposed for the amplitude estimation of the 2-D FSBM using a 2-D half plane causal minimum-phase linear prediction error filter (modeled by a 2-D minimum-phase FSBM), and then, two consistent estimators are proposed for the phase estimation of the 2-D FSBM using the Chien et al. 2-D phase equalizer (modeled by a 2-D allpass FSBM). The estimated 2-D FSBM can be applied to modeling of 2-D non-Gaussian random signals and 2-D signal classification using complex cepstra. Some simulation results are presented to support the efficacy of the three proposed estimators. Furthermore, classification of texture images (2-D non-Gaussian signals) using the estimated FSBM, second-, and higher order statistics is presented together with some experimental results. Finally, we draw some conclusions. Index Terms-Higher order statistics, 2-D Fourier series-based model, 2-D non-Gaussian signals, 2-D nonminimum-phase linear shift-invariant systems.
doi:10.1109/78.992144 fatcat:flzspf3njbcwjdsmax4kyku3le