Proton decay of excited states in12N and13O and the astrophysical11C(p,γ)12N reaction rate

L. G. Sobotka, W. W. Buhro, R. J. Charity, J. M. Elson, M. F. Jager, J. Manfredi, M. H. Mahzoon, A. M. Mukhamedzhanov, V. Eremenko, M. McCleskey, R. G. Pizzone, B. T. Roeder (+5 others)
2013 Physical Review C  
Using a 13 O beam, we have observed proton decays of 12 N and 13 O excited states following proton-knockout and inelastic interactions on a 9 Be target. The excited states were determined from detected two and three body exit channels using the invariant mass method. The width of the second excited state of 12 N was determined to be 55(20) keV, considerably smaller that the value listed in the ENSDF data base. Three new excited states of narrow width (Γ <50 keV) were observed in 13 O from the
more » ... 12 N and 2p+ 11 C exit channels. One of these states (E * =3.67 MeV) was found to sequentially decay to the second excited of 12 N. We again found these data to be inconsistent with the listed decay width. The ramifications for the astrophysically interesting 11 C(p,γ) 12 N reaction are given.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.87.054329 fatcat:a7lonks2hjdylftjiu3yogi5yq