Utilization pattern of AMA in orthopedic department in a tertiary care hospital

Arunesh Singh, Anuranjan Dubey, Hemant Bhagat, Pravin G Dhone
2022 International Journal of Health Sciences  
Bacteria are being unicellular and prokaryotes came to this earth before us and others. They are able to survive anywhere in this earth including soil, water both saline and normal, in all living creatures, hills, sands, ice of north and south poles, sea and desert. Some are helpful and commensals as they not harm us but many of them produce disease in which they survive, these are harmful bacteria, so called pathogenic or disease producing bacteria. Not only bacteria but also a lot of other
more » ... anism are pathogenic like fungus, virus etc. but here we are limited to bacteria's only. Data's are collected by a self-prepared preformed proforma, which is prepared as per study design and includes Age, Sex, Disease, Unit, Ward, AMA or AMAs prescribed, Average no of AMAs, Dose, Frequency, Route of administration, along with Govt. supply or private purchase and supply chain. This study also focused wide spread drug resistance, mostly multiple drug resistance by many organisms, a matter of great concern along with a shocking challenge for present as well as for future.
doi:10.53730/ijhs.v6ns8.10669 fatcat:qrt7jnpvsfgtrcbjxpkkrogzwq