A sustainable future for the European Cement and Concrete Industry: Technology assessment for full decarbonisation of the industry by 2050 [report]

Aurélie Favier, Catherine De Wolf, Karen Scrivener, Guillaume Habert
Levels of intervention for CO2 reduction 4 Technologies applicable at the different levels 4.1 Clinker level 4.2 Cement level 4.3 Concrete level 4.4 Structural level 4.5 Recycling, circular economy 5 Breakthrough technologies: The reality behind the hype 5.1 Alternative clinkers 5.1.1 Belitic clinkers 5.1.2 Calcium sulfo aluminate cements 5.1.3 Alkali activated binders 5.1.4 Supersulfated slag cements 5.1.5 Carbonatable calcium silicate cements 5.1.6 Hydrothermal reactive belite cements (incl. celitement) 5.1.7 Magnesium cements
doi:10.3929/ethz-b-000301843 fatcat:ybh6wfdvanb4vatsv5dgeolucy