NetAcet: prediction of N-terminal acetylation sites

L. Kiemer, J. D. Bendtsen, N. Blom
2004 Bioinformatics  
We present here a neural network based method for prediction of N-terminal acetylation-by far the most abundant posttranslational modification in eukaryotes. The method was developed on a yeast dataset for N-acetyltransferase A (NatA) acetylation, which is the type of N-acetylation for which most examples are known and for which orthologs have been found in several eukaryotes. We obtain correlation coefficients close to 0.7 on yeast data and a sensitivity up to 74% on mammalian data, suggesting
more » ... that the method is valid for eukaryotic NatA orthologs. Availability: The NetAcet prediction method is available as a public web server at Contact: Supplementary information: NetAcet/
doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bti130 pmid:15539450 fatcat:jtctp6ha2ndzvbxedlv4rwfqxy