Poly(phenoxy-imine)s and Poly(phenoxy-ketimine)s: Toward New Semiconductive Polymeric Materials

Haci Okkes Demir
2017 MOJ Polymer Science  
Conjugated polymers have attracted widespread interest during the last three decades, because of their useful electronic properties. In this paper we discuss semi-conductive properties of the conjugated polymers with phenylhydrazono (C 6 H 5 -NH-N=C-(R/H)-) pendent groups, such as poly(phenoxy-imine)s and poly(phenoxy-ketimine)s. These polymers were found to possess the conductivity of 10 -3 -10 -2 S/cm. It is supposed that high conductivities of the polymers are due to their phenylhydrazono
more » ... e structures with π-conjugation with participation of the nitrogen atoms in polymer side groups.
doi:10.15406/mojps.2017.01.00036 fatcat:givkimk4cfh4parxmnmzj7rkvu