Vertical Distribution of the Lower Plants and Animals in the Inland Lakes

E. A. Birge
1897 Transactions of the American Fisheries Society  
Prof. Birge: I did not expect to be called upon first and have not much to say. During the past three years I have been engaged in studying the history both of the distribution throughout the year and the vertical distribution of the small crustacea of the lake which immediately adjoins the University. of Wisconsin, Lake Mendora. This lake is about six miles in length and from three to four miles in width, and, as you see, a rather large sheet of water as inland lakes go. It is a lake of some
more » ... feet in greatest depth, the greater portion of the lake being over 5 ø feet in depth. At a distance of about a quarter of a mile from the shore we reach a depth of about 6o feet and from that point on to the middle of the lake the increase in depth is quite slow, so that the greater portion of the lake is a plain varying only ten or fifteen feet from level.
doi:10.1577/1548-8659(1897)27[25:vdotlp];2 fatcat:p2g5jwkjrzhxncmqxpbwrwhqxu