Votkinsk Barges of the Baltic Fleet according to the Ship List of 1908

2021 Voennyi Sbornik  
The analysis of the Ship's Lists of 1904 and 1908 was carried out, and their comparison with the construction documentation of the Votkinsk plant. It is concluded that in the period between the publication of the Ship's Lists there was a renumbering of the ships of the Kronstadt port. The presence in the 1904 List of barge № 26, suitable for the new numbering, suggests that this process began already in 1904. Analysis of Votkinsk products built in 1901-04 allows us to assert that, in all
more » ... ood, two dry cargo barges built in 1901, before commissioning, were revised at the Pullman plant, which is why it is listed as the builder of both ships. The water-filled boat built in 1903 as part of the Baltic Fleet is absent both in 1904 and in 1908. However, since the factory documentation unambiguously indicates its construction, it can be assumed that in 1903 the plant did not build, but conversion into a water-filled boat of a 70-foot barge, previously built for the Sveaborg port. This fact can explain the absence of a vessel with suitable characteristics in both lists -they duplicated the old data of the barge, only indicating that it was a water-filled boat of the Kronstadt port. In addition, this explains the coincidence of the contract price and the volume of work performed in the table of V.N. Stupishin -The Maritime Department paid for the work after the fact.
doi:10.13187/vs.2021.1.15 fatcat:kls7fisgirh7ppjxj4zbbdwz3m