Linear scaling between momentum and spin scattering in graphene

C. Józsa, T. Maassen, M. Popinciuc, P. J. Zomer, A. Veligura, H. T. Jonkman, B. J. van Wees
2009 Physical Review B  
Spin transport in graphene carries the potential of a long spin diffusion length at room temperature. However, extrinsic relaxation processes limit the current experimental values to 1-2 um. We present Hanle spin precession measurements in gated lateral spin valve devices in the low to high (up to 10^13 cm^-2) carrier density range of graphene. A linear scaling between the spin diffusion length and the diffusion coefficient is observed. We measure nearly identical spin- and charge diffusion
more » ... ficients indicating that electron-electron interactions are relatively weak and transport is limited by impurity potential scattering. When extrapolated to the maximum carrier mobilities of 2x10^5 cm^2/Vs, our results predict that a considerable increase in the spin diffusion length should be possible.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.80.241403 fatcat:ctxv6hx3wbfbhlzecixxzmdqqq