The association between serum uric acid and features of metabolic disturbances in young adults

Sylwia Płaczkowska, Lilla Pawlik-Sobecka, Izabela Kokot, Agnieszka Piwowar
2020 Archives of Medical Science  
The increase in the number of people affected by different metabolic disturbances, especially among young people, is alarming. It seems worthwhile to reappraise the usefulness of commonly used laboratory parameters potentially associated with metabolic and metabolically obese normal weight syndrome. Serum uric acid may be considered as an indicator and/or a predictor of metabolic disorders. We evaluated serum uric acid concentration in relation to metabolic syndrome, as well as metabolically
more » ... as metabolically obese normal weight features, and examined its usefulness in improving metabolic and metabolically obese normal weight syndrome diagnosis in young people. In 349 apparently healthy people, aged 18-31, features of metabolic and metabolically obese normal weight syndrome and serum uric acid concentration were examined under fasting conditions. Prevalence of metabolic syndrome increased in uric acid quartiles, while the percentage of metabolically obese normal weight syndrome was at a similar level in all uric acid quartiles. A relationship between uric acid concentration and features of metabolic disorders in quartile and correlation analysis was revealed. Data mining techniques did not indicate the usefulness of uric acid for distinguishing people with metabolic syndrome from those with metabolically obese normal weight syndrome. We confirmed that in young people an increase in uric acid levels is more closely related to metabolic syndrome features than insulin resistance. Serum uric acid concentration could not be recommended as an independent, strong marker of metabolic or metabolically obese normal weight syndrome occurrence in young people, but finding its elevated concentration should be an indicator for screening for other disturbances associated with metabolic syndrome.
doi:10.5114/aoms.2020.93653 pmid:34522256 pmcid:PMC8425241 fatcat:elo4mkibrfed5maqu2tbyyy5fu