Steelmaking and Industrial Ecology. Is Steel a Green Material?

Julian Szekely
1996 ISIJ International  
After a brief review of the evolution of the steel industry during the past 25 years, some basic definitions are presented, including that of industrial ecology, advanced materials, and "green" materials. Then, we discuss the environmental problems that are inherently associated with both conventional and novel steel processing technologies, touching on pollution control, waste minimization and recycling. The important conclusion is reached that whenmoderntechnologies are empioyed, steel is
more » ... an advanced material and a green material. Particuiarly noteworthy in the finding is that steel is one of the most recycled materials in current use. The paper concludes with the enumeration of the tasks ahead and with the definition of the steelplant of the future, which will have to be clean, environmentally benign, Iocated close to the customer and will produce no waste, Indeed, it may derive significant revenue streams from the treatment of wastes produced by other industrial activities. By its very nature, the future steelplant will have to use some mixture of scrap and virgin iron units, It will be frugal on energy, highly flexible in operation, and will expolit synergies with other industrial systems,
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.36.121 fatcat:4cpho4cujja7hbdetpnsbeglda