Characteristics of Unsold Land and Sites Needing Value Enhancement
미매각 토지의 원인진단 및 가치제고 사업지구 선정 방안

Yeun-Woo Jeong, Sang-Jun Lee, Jang-Hwan Seong
2013 LHI Journal of Land Housing and Urban Affairs  
요 약 본 논문은 가치제고 대안의 적용 여건을 감안한 미매각 토지의 개념을 새롭게 정의내리고, 공사 사업지구의 미매각 토지 현황과 원인을 진단하였다. 연구결과, 첫째, 미매각 토지의 개념을 용지 매각을 위한 판매비 지출시점 이후부터 사업 준공까지 판매되지 못한 토지로서, 사업시행자의 자체사용분 이 아닌 지자체․민간 등을 대상으로 판매를 지속하는 토지 중 부분적으로 계획변경이 가능한 경우로 정의하였다. 둘째, 2012년 기준으로 진행중인 226개 사업지구의 미매각 현황을 분석하였다. 전체 유상면적 195km 2 의 74.8%에 해당하는 146km 2 가 미매각된 것으로 나타났으며, 용지별로는 공동 택지(38km 2 ), 산업용지(21km 2 ), 단독택지(16.4km 2 ), 상업업무용지(12.5km 2 ), 교육청사(10.2km 2 ) 순으로 ABSTRACT This paper defined the concept of unsold land and diagnosed the cause
more » ... diagnosed the cause of unsold land of LH business site. The results are showing as follows. First, unsold land is defined as land could not be sold until the completion of the project, and plan to sell the unsold land can be changed partially. Second, the status of unsold land in the 226 project sites were analyzed. 146km 2 area corresponding to 74.8% of the total capital area(195km 2 ) are unsold. By purpose, co-residential(38km 2 ), industry(21km 2 ), exclusive residential(16.4km 2 ), commercial business(12.5km 2 ), education(10.2km 2 ) was larger in order. Third, value enhancement target project sites were selected and its symptoms and the cause of unsold land were analyzed. For the project site over average unsold rate, 6 sites located in province and 2 sites located in capital region were selected through collecting the practitioners and expert opinion. These 8 sites are characterized that sale of land for medium and large co-residential, urban support facilities, block-shaped house and attached house was inactive. Also, these sites commonly experienced economic fluctuations, changes in market demand, supply and demand mismatch, inflexible planning standards.
doi:10.5804/lhij.2013.4.3.259 fatcat:ypjmiai6rfhmlhav6t643ccmji