Combined Effects of Stretching and Resistance Training on Ankle Joint Flexibility

E. Kato, T. Kurihara, H. Kanehisa, T. Fukunaga, Y. Kawakami
2013 Physiology Journal  
The purpose of the present study was to clarify the combined effects of stretching and resistance training on the active and passive dorsiflexion range of motion of ankle joint. Sixteen young adult men were randomly assigned to a training (n=8) or a control (n=8) group. The training group trained one leg for the combined program of static calf stretching and dorsiflexors resistance training program (STR+TR) and the other leg for static stretching program only (STR). The training group executed
more » ... ing group executed stretching of both legs every day and resistance training every other day for six weeks. After the training program, in STR+TR side, both active and passive dorsiflexion range of motions significantly (P<0.05) increased and also isometric maximal voluntary dorsiflexion torque increased, while in STR side, only passive dorsiflexion range of motion increased. In passive dorsiflexion range of motion, increased dorsiflexion ROM was accompanied by increased tendon elongation not muscle elongation. In conclusion, the combined program of stretching for calf muscles and resistance training for dorsiflexors increases active as well as passive dorsiflexion range of motion, while static calf stretching program is effective only for the increase in passive dorsiflexion range of motion.
doi:10.1155/2013/171809 fatcat:qrvccetvdjgnbo4ndog5o6wfaq