Dynamic Damage Mechanism of Coal Wall in Deep Longwall Face

Shuaifeng Lu, Sifei Liu, Zhijun Wan, Jingyi Cheng, Zhuangzhuang Yang, Peng Shi
2019 Advances in Civil Engineering  
The stability of coal wall in deep longwall face has always been a research hotspot. In this study, pure vibration signals in the coal wall during the operation of mining machinery were obtained for the first time, and their energy is mainly concentrated in 7–12 Hz. Besides, based on the law of stress wave propagation, with the coal wall of deep longwall taken as the research object, the theory of dynamic damage in coal wall was put forward from the perspective of dynamics. The results show
more » ... he results show that the loading and unloading waves generated by the mining machinery disturbance will be reflected and transmitted at the interface with different impedances, resulting in the formation of multiple unloading and loading waves and multiple tensile stress zones and stress concentration zones. These stress concentration zones tend to induce tensile stress generation and coal failure. As a result, the coal undergoes zonal failure and spalling. Through the vibration test of coal, it is found that the crack development of the coal sample can be divided into five stages, and the phenomena of zonal failure and spalling occur, which is consistent with the theory. At the same time, the sample that has gone through a large disturbance cannot be further damaged by a small disturbance, which is verified by the damage statistical constitutive model based on the isotropy hypothesis.
doi:10.1155/2019/3105017 fatcat:akihgfuvovfjzgxdgh3tvguwjq