1824 The Lancet  
Feb. 23d, 1824. LECTURE 36. -, In the last Lecture I spoke of thenature and symptoms of cataract ; I mentioned -to you that there wexe three oper&tions for the cure of this-disease,-namely, depressiori, extraction, and that for procuring solution of the cataract and I then described to you the: operation for depression.,-In this evening's Lecture I shall proceed, in the first place, to describe the operation form extraction of the cataract. This operation was firstperformed towards the end of
more » ... owards the end of the seventeenth century; it was not however generally known till ' somewhat Iater, when it was brought into repute by DEVILLE, whii published the method of perforniing it. considerable im provements weresubsequently made in the mode of performing it by WENZEL, who practised it with great dexterity, and astonishing success. There seem to be no necessity for preparing a patient for'this operation, beyond takiria care that his bowels be duly evacuatued, and that he has not used any unusually sti-' mulating diet previous to the 'operation. It wauld be highly 'irMproper to..perform it if the patient was at the time labourin-nrider any other complaint or morbid affection ; means !should be taken to remove any complaint of' this kind before. the operation is -,attempted Beyond these precautions, however, no preparatory treatment will be necessary, though I am .aware, that much stress was formerly laid upon this point Several instruments will be requifed for the performance of .this operation; which is a more 'B complicated one than that to :
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