Measurement of the proton and the deuteron structure functions, F2p and F2d

M. Arneodo, A. Arvidson, B. Badełek, M. Ballintijn, G. Baum, J. Beaufays, I.G. Bird, P. Björkholm, M. Botje, C. Broggini, W. Brückner, A. Brüll (+61 others)
1995 Physics Letters B  
The proton and deuteron structure functions F2p and F2d were measured in the kinematic range 0.006<x<0.6 and 0.5<Q^2<75 GeV^2, by inclusive deep inelastic muon scattering at 90, 120, 200 and 280 GeV. The measurements are in good agreement with earlier high precision results. The present and earlier results together have been parametrised to give descriptions of the proton and deuteron structure functions F2 and their uncertainties over the range 0.006<x<0.9.
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(95)01318-9 fatcat:cfw42svvi5brxbhldejfmnajxe